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Engineering support is one of our simplest but most effective services. By registering for our technical support services you don't need to worry any more about business problems or delays caused by machinery troubles. Regular maintenance and certified safety inspections will reduce the risk factors to its minimum while our 24/7 breakdown service guaranty will bring everything back to work in fastest possible time. You will also benefit from rapid installation and maintenance of any new equipments even if not supported by the manufacturer in Australia. Our core products and services are  Electrical,  Electro Mechanic,  Pneumatic,  hydraulic systems  as following:

• Installation and tuning

• Safety inspection and tagging of electrical equipment

• Regular maintenance and repairs

• Spare parts manufacturing

• 24/7 breakdown service guaranty Please feel free to contact us 24/7 for any further details or free first evaluations and technical proposals. Quotations are available for individual components,systems and complete solutions including design, installation, engineering and commissioning.

24 / 7 Support

We, at Ausco AES take pride in our rapid response time. Our team of specialists are available 24/7 to address any of your breakdowns and deliver quick and precise solutions. Please send us an email or contact us via the numbers listed and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Through our involvement in various industries in Europe, Asia and Australia   for several decades, we have developed exceptional technical knowledge in servicing and repair of widely used industrial equipment of renowned and lesser-known brands.  Our team experts from fully qualified and licensed Technician to Senior Engineers and PhD Advisers have extensive amount of experience and knowledge in working on following types of machines-

Metal Industry

•    Milling Machine
•    Lathe Machine
•    Gear Cutting Machinery
•    CNC Machines (milling, lathe, drilling)
•    Plasma, Laser and Water jet cutters

Wood Industry

•    Saws (Table, Mitre, Panel)
•    CNC routers
•    Length measurement systems
•    Dust Collector System

Fabrication Industry

•    Saws (Table, Mitre, Panel)
•    Extrusion punch presses (hydraulic/pneumatic)

Glass Industry

•    Glass polishing machine
•    Glass Cutting Machine
•    Glass loading/unloading machine

Material Handling

•    Pallet Wrapper
•    Wrapping Machinery
•    Conveyor Systems

Printing Industry

•    Stamping
•    Laser Engraving machine

Pharmaceutical Industry

•    Mixers
•    Temperature Controller
•    Lab equipment
•    Cleanroom

Food Industry

•    Mixers
•    Slicers
•    Electrical/Gas Conveyor Ovens
•    Dough sheeter
•    Meat vacuum sealers