Head Office(NSW): +61 2 9604 5276 / +61 0409 037 484
VIC Sales Rep:  +61 0416 924 240
QLD Sales Rep: +61 0451 153 030


AUSCO AES has been busy creating change where change is desperately needed. We are constantly striving to bring cutting edge automation and robotics products to Australian market to help your business in ways you won’t believe.

We work with industry giants to design and market products for various Australian industries.

Find a list of some of our products below. If you are unsure about our offerings, please contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Electrical Equipment

·       Switchboard

·    PLC, CNC and HMI Controller

·       Motors( Single Phase and 3 phase induction  and servo Motors)

·       Motor controller (servo drivers and variable speed drives)

·       Contactors, Relay, Limit Switches

·       Controller board, Relay based control system

·       Sensors

o   Proximity

o   Pressure

o   Temperature

·       Industrial Automation Parts

Mechanical Service & Equipment

·       Design & Machining of spare parts

·       Metal Fabrication Service

·       Pneumatic System Components